From Helper To An International Fitness Coach, A Transformation Coach, and An Author!

Another beautiful soul was born with many dreams in her mind, but circumstances shackled and shattered her dreams. She was raped, abused, and diagnosed with cancer.


Despite all the challenges, she never gave up. She joined the domestic helping services to keep her family fed, which would allow her to survive each day. She sacrificed everything for others until she realized her real purpose and mission in life – Living for Others. Even though the world was not easy on her, she continued to dream. A dream that kept her going.

Name, Title

Amanda Nav is a Transformational Fitness Coach helping people to achieve their desired life through her powerful fitness and mindset training. She spends years learning the secret of success and manifesting her dreams.
There was a time when she begged and prayed for success but never got it. Now she is designing her own destiny and teaching millions of others to manifest their dreams and goals. She has designed herself to become an unstoppable fitness machine.
Amanda stands for change. Her life shows that if you put in the right kind of effort. She believes that "where there's a will, there's away." In spite of her circumstances, she believed in her dreams and goals and never gave up. She wrote the book "From Helper To Fitness Coach" to inspire others especially those who can't speak up and fight.

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