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Branding, Marketing, and Sales are the key components of a business of any size. My obsession with the human mind and human behavior has led me to a thorough understanding of consumer psychology and neuromarketing. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide and have helped them to develop their brand and market from scratch to seven figures. For large business organizations, I have helped them to increase their sales through strategic branding and marketing by 200%. All my programs have a holistic approach that means not only I coach and train you to take care of your external customers (buyers) but also your internal customers (your employees).

Sales Coaching Program

I have specifically designed this coaching program to help entrepreneurs and high-performing sales professionals to improve their output. This is a highly customized and need-based program that adapts to your business needs effectively. This is a six months program crafted with care to deliver significantly powerful results adding to your top line and bottom line. I have delivered this program with great success to more than 22 industries worldwide.

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Peak Performance in Sales Training Program

I have crafted this training program with powerful scientific techniques and tools that delivers massive results. Because of its efficacy, this is a highly sought-after program globally. I have generated millions of dollars for my corporate clients through this program.


I am invited as a guest lecturer in various professional training institutions to deliver this program. This is usually a full-day program which is 8 hours at a stretch. But now you can avail this program in eight online sessions within a period of eight weeks. Get your team trained with the program to grow and sustain your business in these critical times.

Branding and Marketing

Branding is a very powerful tool that is usually ignored by entrepreneurs and corporates. Investing in branding is a sure shot way to sustain a business in critical times. My branding coaching program is a six-month program that I have designed to improve your brand reputation in the market and the relationship with your buyers.

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