Leaders play a major role in the success of any business. A leader can either be the breakthrough or the chokehold of the organization. Most people become the chokehold without even knowing and they end up sabotaging their growth. 

There are different kinds of leadership because of different personality types and every leader's choice varies. 
Leadership Decision Making and Behavior is a science and Swarnajeet is an expert in Leadership Psychology. He is known to be an Expert in this field. He coaches and trains C-level executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. Swarnajeet is truly a Leader Maker and Developer




Every leader needs to be a Master Strategic Thinker. It is an absolutely necessity for a leader to take care of the present while preparing for the future. Swarnajeet being a Leadership Psychology Expert prepare leaders with the right strategic thinking and mindset that helps them to excel in their personal and professional life.

Swarnajeet's contribution towards movers and shakers of the industry has been outstanding. He has been their
Trusted Strategic Advisor for over 10 years. His methods and strategies are powerful enough to help businesses attain geometric growth. In this VUCA times, don't do trial and error with your business strategies. Swarnajeet's methods are proven sure shot ways to help your business grow internationally even in these critical times.


Every business depends on their clients and customers for Continuity and Sustainability. No business is bigger than their clients and customers. Due to the rise in digital technology and extensive digital contents, the consumer mindset is getting heavily influenced and distracted because of which grabbing attention is becoming harder for businesses and influencers. Consumer must have options to choose from but research shows when presented with too many options, the consumer ends up confused and frustrated.

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Swarnajeet with his expertise in Neuromarketing and Consumer Psychology influences the consumer decision making and behavior making your brand indispensable. His strategic intervention on "how to approach and manage your customer base" will be the game changer for your business. 


Marketing is a vast field and very complicated. It has so many layers that it becomes hard for anyone to comprehend the entirety of Marketing. A lot of people who claim to know marketing are mostly talking about some social media platforms but marketing is so much more than just a platform. Marketing is about people, their choices, desires, needs, wants, profit, comparison, reputation, image, insecurities, paying capacity, and so much more.

People refer to Swarnajeet as a Marketing Genius because of his grasp and in-depth experience in this field. He has learned from the legends like Philip Kotler, Jay Abraham, Seth Godin and build his own individuality in understanding and executing marketing. Swarnajeet's marketing strategies are so brilliant and powerful that a corporate department under his mentorship has
grown by 300% within a quarter. He has been repeating such growth numbers in multiple industries worldwide. In these crucial times, don't ignore your marketing, boost your marketing.


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Dave, USA - 300% Accretion

Swarnajeet's strategies are highly powerful and unconventional. I would only say, trust this guy and watch your business skyrocket.

Max, Singapore - He is charismatic

From $150,000 to a $900,000 in a year is just phenomenal. He is truly your trusted advisor. Swarnajeet = Success Coaching

Cilena, Australia - Solid as a rock

Swarnajeet has been outstanding in supporting me in my journey to grow and thrive. Love his work. He has helped me transform my business and many lives with it.