Swarnajeet is a world-renowned Coach. He helped businesses worldwide. For one of the clients, he helped them increase their sales to go from $33 million to $47 million within a quarter which broke all records during 2020 (pandemic times).

For many entrepreneurs based in the USA, Australia, Singapore, and the UK, Swarnajeet has helped them to increase their gross income from an average of $50,000 to $1,000,000.

Swarnajeet has been coaching entrepreneurs way before entrepreneurship became a cool thing. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and working professionals directly with his strategic consulting, mentoring, and coaching. He believes that everyone has some potential while some realize it and some don't. He has trained thousands of young minds worldwide and inspired them to become entrepreneurs from a very young age.


With zero investor funding or capital from anyone, Swarnajeet started his business when everyone told him that he can't start a business without capital and that it is impossible. Every investor he talked to in his initial days of entrepreneurship, didn't believe in the unconventional plans and methods of Swarnajeet. That didn't stop him because he did it anyway. Within a short span of four years, he grew his business from scratch and made his presence in 26 countries. In spite of his young age, he was consulting and coaching global leaders and veterans.

Swarnajeet believes in providing the best coaching sessions for his clients. His obsession with the client's success made him unstoppable. His insatiable hunger to create better experiences for his clients gave birth to several companies that specializes in the needs of his clients worldwide.

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